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  • 2017The 6th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 65,2017 2017The 6th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair
  • 2017华南地坪技术推广交流会-天津站 43,2017 2017华南地坪技术推广交流会-天津站
  • 2017年第五届中国(北京)国际地坪材料及设备展览会 43,2017 2017年第五届中国(北京)国际地坪材料及设备展览会
  • 2016海南省第一届石材护理工国家资质培训班 1611,2016 2016海南省 第一届石材护理工国家资质培训班
  • 2015 Dongguan Floor Stone Construction Techno 1511,2016 2015 Dongguan Floor Stone Construction Techno
  • 2016第十三届中国(上海)国际地坪展 1511,2016 2016第十三届中国(上海)国际地坪展
  • 2015 China (Dalian) Concrete Floor Constructi 1511,2016 2015 China (Dalian) Concrete Floor Constructi
  • 2016 The 5th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 1611,2016 2016 The 5th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair

    2003:We had starting research on solidifier,anti-static floor polish and other series of products

    2004:The two-component C/A was successfully developed

    2005:The Polyforte Co., Ltd was established in Guangzhou

    2008:We introduced the brand new One-component, Lithium-based solidifier P9D08

    2009:Lightening Agent was developed

    2010:Intorduction of Mortar Repairing Agent

    2011:Concrete Repairing Formulation was invented

    2012:The enhanced Water-based Coloring Agent was invented

    2013:Introduction of Ionic Coloring Agent

    2015:Introduction of Oil-based Coloring Agent and Permeable Floor

    2016:Introduction of Monolithic Mortar and Terrazzo System




    Company Profile

    Polyforte Chemical Technology Co., Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D ,production and sales of chemical products more than 15years ,which relying on institutions of  higher education, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions to develop high-tech chemical products, such as concrete seal hardener agent, coloring hardener, concrete repair materials, Ionic coloring agent, antistatic floor polish series, antistatic liquid series, static elimination agent series, and other products to fill the domestic gap and our products’ quality has reached the international advanced level. Our company insist that “to be the most sincere, to do our utmost ,to concentrate on the pursuit of perfection ”serve our customers. 

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